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All our programs can be implemented online

Trainees have a highly participatory experience, interact and develop soft skills through innovative training games
Experiential Zoom Sessions

We offer 75-minute playful and experiential Zoom solutions. Remote employees benefit from a team bonding session that is facilitated by an expert trainer.


Online Seminars

Our online seminars are offered either as live virtual sessions or as asynchronous digital cources you can take at your own pace (Synchronous or Αsynchronous learning).

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Blended Learning

We combine distance learning with on-site training in order to enhance the overall learning experience offered.

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The distance learning services we offer, follow the principles of the Experiential Learning approach. The design of our online seminars is based on David Kolb’s Learning Cycle.

Following our training model, we design customized:

  • virtual sessions
  • digital courses
  • reflective assignments

in order to meet all the possible training needs of your company, in the most accurate and tangible way.

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