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We formulate an annual soft skills learning plan

We listen to your business goals and plan the appropriate training interventions that will strengthen your human resources


Designing a learning and development plan for your human resources, with a schedule of one year or more, is not an easy task. It needs the right partners, time and very good planning. We have the know-how that such a project requires.


We create and implement training actions, making sure that the indicators (KPIs) you want are met. If you do not know them, we assist you to configure them.


  1. Recording of business objectives and needs
  2. Connection with KPIs
  3. Training needs analysis (TNA) design
  4. TNA implementation and results analysis
  5. Formulation of training proposal
  6. Custom-made program design and creation of training material
  7. Implementation of interventions
  8. Tools for monitoring and enhancing the impact of the training interventions

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