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We design and implement experiential training seminars for your business, which inspire and strengthen the employees


Customer Service

According to research, quality customer service is emerging as one of the most important factors in the survival of an organization. Professional service requires understanding of human behaviors, constant sculpting of “professional personality” and flexibility.

Teambuilding & Teamwork

People started to prosper when they formed groups and learned to work together. In today’s societies, where individuality is often rewarded and the struggle to stand out can alienate us, the ability to work in groups takes on a different meaning. It becomes synonymous with our survival.

Effective Communication

By instinct humans are social and communicative, but they has to face psychological and physiological obstacles before they manages to communicate effectively. Communication is the means that enables us to present ourselves, our abilities, challenge someone, claim things, to persuade, have results.

Time Management

There is so much we want to do during the day. When we do not organize our time properly, we end up setting the wrong priorities, being anxious and frustrated. Wise time management saves us from wasting energy and brings us closer to our goals.

Stress Management

Stress can be a driving force in professional and personal life, but it can also have many negative effects on performance, behavior and health. When we apply techniques and tools to deal with it, we live a life of higher quality and deeper well-being.

Emotional Intelligence

It is now known that an individual’s intelligence and ability can be assessed by systems other than the well-known IQ. Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) skills significantly differentiate persons’ behaviors and actions, both towards themselves and others.


Leadership, as a skill, presupposes the acceptance and recognition of the contribution of each within a team, as well as the maximization of personal capabilities and the development of talents through modern practices of organization, guidance and support.

Train the Trainer

Proper training can open doors of learning that we did not even imagine existed. The correct design of an educational program, which includes the appropriate techniques, but also the successful management of group dynamics, are the necessary tools of the modern Adult Educator.

Onboarding - Induction

Welcoming newcomers is an important action, with a serious impact on the whole range of a company, and especially on these people. New entrants need to be trained immediately, integrated seamlessly into the wider group and culture, and inspired to add value to the new environment, but also to themselves.

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