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  • Excellent seminar, perfectly and professionally designed and executed with impeccable instructors available before, after and during its implementation. I recommend it with belief/trust and enthusiasm!

    Mania Kanaki
  • A start, a content, an end. Great structure and range of information. One of the most enjoyable and complete seminars I have ever attended.

    Manolis Skanavis
    HVAC Consultant, Cool Tek
  • A beautiful experience! A tool for life!

    Areti Athanasiou
    Cyta Hellas executive
  • It was the best seminar I have ever participated in. I had a great time and felt more capable through this seminar! I would highly recommend it to anyone interested!

    Evangelia Artemi
    PDS executive
  • The experience of participating in seminars conducted by the Game Tree team is beyond the common training practices, a fact that sets it apart and makes it unique! It leaves you with the postive feeling of the new “places” you visit through the seminar, enriches you with experience and emotions, and as a result, the destination of the training course seems magical! It is only a profit to experience this alternative adult education!

    Eva Skanavi
    Psychopedagogue - Special Education Philologist
  • The Game Tree team offered us a highly constructive experience and I was personally improved, as it helped me identify elements that others were seeing in me, without me realizing that I possessed them! Through a fun musical game, I was able to understand what social skills are, and to what extent I possess them, how I can develop them, how they affect the setting and achievement of my goals and where I am today in relation to what I would like or am capable of doing! I am glad I participated!

    Dimitra Giannaki
    Business Consultant at Ophthalmologist Clinic
  • It was the first time I saw the whole group of fifteen to twenty people actively participating and refusing to take a break! All seminars were well structured, with distinct sections that covered the entire range of the material. They are experts on the subject, with a way to effectively transfer knowledge, positive psychology and a clear orientation towards the right way, through experiential learning and interactive games! And as strange as it may seem, it is this kind of training that made the difference!

    Alexandros Koxaras
    Recoveries Department Senior Officer
  • Interaction, respect for the participants, voluntary participation, inspiration for introspection and search for the new and innovative. Leaving the learning intervention, the only sure thing is that you will think about many things that you took for granted and you will enter the process of seeing things from another point of view, which most likely you did not want to approach. It is indeed a life experience. I hope to have the opportunity in the future to attend some of the innovative educational activities you will create.

    Kostas Stavropoulos
    Piraeus Bank Learning Consultant
  • Being in the field for a decade and having participated in many seminars and trainings, I can say that this team really describes the concept of differentiation in learning.

    Participant in a 7-day Induction program
    Financial consultant
  • The whole workshop was a state of the art, organized, substantial and able to inspire us and remind us that the educator must, above all, be human. Interest, respect and trust, just a few of the virtues of Game Tree trainers, which make this seminar necessary for junior or more experienced trainers.

    Maria Saridaki
    Researcher of the Laboratory of New Technologies of the University of Athens
  • It was a wonderful experience. It is the first time I got so many useful tools that I immediately implemented, before the whole seminar was completed. I now feel more confident about my training work with adults. I highly recommend it.

    Nikos Bakopoulos
    Personal Development Consultant
  • Excellent trainers that immediately created a nice atmosphere in the team. The “games” used for experiential learning are very interesting and useful. You deserve many congratulations and we hope that way more seminars like this one will be organized!

    Anonymous evaluation
    Time management seminar
  • The most productive training experience I can remember. Both the content and the way of conduct helped me feel full after the training. I would highly recommend the training.

    Anonymous evaluation
    Stress management seminar
  • Very substantial and comprehensive seminar. Self-improvement. Thank you!

    Head of Training
  • The topics and discussions developed during the training program were highly innovative. Our trainers, Dora and Manos, kept our interest and participation active at an excellent level, regardless of the implementation of the program during the afternoon. I suggest that its implementation continues in the afternoon, as participants can realize its value, in terms of improving mood, addressing issues they face in their daily lives, and the priorities they set. I recommend you reserve a seat!

    George Vardalas
    Piraeus Bank learning executive
  • Excellent seminar, immediately applicable on a personal and professional level. The simulation exercise was great!

    Financial Services Officer
  • I have informed friends and colleagues about the seminar I attended because I was completely satisfied. It was beyond my expectations and I feel happy to have met your team. The approach of the subject helped me and I look through the training material in order to practice what I learned. Thanks again for your cooperation. I am waiting for your news about the next seminar.

    Maria Topoulou
    State employee
  • At last, seminars changed form and have become interactive.

    Production Engineer
  • Fascinating – Transferrable – It was worth it


    HR Department
  • Recently, I was given the opportunity to attend a seminar by the Game Tree team and specifically with Ms. Dora Angelopoulou. What makes it different is the interactivity and energetic participation of the people, and through games you are given the opportunity to realize the room for improvement in the way you worked until today, in a special way.

    Dimitris S..
    Customer Service,
  • The program was excellent and not at all tedious. I hope it will be repeated soon.

    Stavros Brisbeos
    KRS Group
  • I would definitely recommend the program to those who want to improve external customer service, but above all, to stimulate a team atmosphere at work.

    Christina Bougioukou
    Business Consultant
  • This program offers learning and knowledge that can help you meet all the challenges in the work environment.

    AVIS employee
  • A pleasant fellowship that makes you think and improve yourself. A really enjoyable and creative seminar.

    GEK TERNA executive
  • I would definitely recommend this program. It is obvious that all the work comes from the heart and the results are the best proof for that.

    Georgia Papakonstantinou
    Benefit Software executive
  • The benefit of this seminar goes beyond having extra tools to deal with difficult situations. For me, the main gain was being able to see the company increase its common ground, its understanding of each other and gaining a new sense of what can be achieved together.

    Senior Executive
    Leadership training program
  • Deeply stimulating! Very ‘fresh’ and to the point. Requires a lot of personal involvement leaving you full with new concepts to comprehend and tasks you want to implement in your daily working life

    Senior Executive
    Leadership training program
  • I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who has any team work. It is both fundamentally important and delivered in the best possible way so that in the end I felt that I ‘own’ what I learnt.

    Senior Executive
    Leadership training program
  • Without a doubt, knowledge takes time and effort to be obtained. But, when seminars like this take place, then you learn how to do things, without much effort. 

  • I would recomment this seminar to junior as well as experienced Trainers since it is innovative and offers an abundance of knowledge that can be obtained in a very short period of time.

  • Excellent approach, creative choice of words, perfect coordination. Thank you.

    Anonymous evaluation
    Executive of a multinational pharmaceutical company
  • A pleasant training seminar that passed very quickly and pleasantly! At the same time, it was constructive because it stressed to us all the main points that we often do unconsciously during a telephone communication. The most impactful point of course was the management of objections to telephone communication and the alternatives we can follow. Thank you!

    Anonymous evaluation
    Executive of a multinational pharmaceutical company